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Babboe Mini.


1 model / 2 variants.


Babboe Mini-E

Contact us to discuss the possibilities or to place an order.

The electric Babboe Mini cycles through the compact box even more like a normal bicycle. The Babboe Mini-E offers space for a maximum of 2 children on the bench or you can mount a special Maxi-Cosi holder, so that even the little ones can be transported. Thanks to the sturdy stand and the compact shape, the Babboe Mini-E is easy to park and store.


Babboe Mini Mountain

It is possible to request a test drive for this model.

The Babboe Mini Mountain has a compact box and therefore you steer very directly, making it even more like you are cycling on a normal bicycle. The Babboe Mini Mountain features advanced pedal assistance thanks to the powerful Yamaha mid-engine and stepless Enviole (Nuvinci) gear that provides a natural and smooth cycling experience.

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