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Test a Babboe cargo bike in Zandvoort

You don't just buy an electric cargo bike, a test ride is a logical way to help you make a good choice.

The Babboe Beach Center is located in Zandvoort, a stone's throw from the station. A day is planned to take the test drive via the contact form. On the day of the test ride, you will step on the cargo bike that you have reserved and make a beautiful ride on the boulevard to the beach of Bloemendaal and back in half an hour. Your partner will receive an E-bike for free during that time.


After returning to the Babboe Beach Center, our advisor is ready to answer your questions. It is then possible to immediately purchase a cargo bike where we go through all the steps of the order and delivery together with you.

The test drive will take half an hour. To ensure that the cargo bike of your choice is actually available, we ask you to fill in the contact form and then contact you to agree on a date and time for the test ride.

Test drives are currently not available

Receive a 450 Wh battery for free

If you buy a Babboe cargo bike with a 374 Wh battery at Zilt at Sea, you will receive a 450 Wh battery from us free of charge.

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Our test drive models

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